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Gemini George is an Armenian-born guitarist, singer-songwriter most known for his dreamy acoustic ballads, multi-genre guitar solos and energetic Rock performances. George is a classically trained guitarist who uses variety of techniques, including finger-style, slides and various picking techniques. 


Gemini George was the frontman of Joker, Thief & Knight - an international Rock bank based in China. George currently lives and performs at ShockTANK - an immersive Art residency in Los Angeles. You can also find him jamming at Mood.Popup event experiences. 


George is currently working on his double album called "Fool's Journey". The first single "Full Foolish Moon" with its music video is released to favorable reviews.  

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"There’s a certain hypnotic quality to the song, it’s delicacy is easy to have surround you, and that ongoing guitar picking is quick to capture your affection."

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"Full Foolish Moon is a song that compels addiction from the very beginning you hear that mesmerizing strumming of George’s guitar, which I call “the Gemini George effect”.

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"Full Foolish Moon" is a must-have song for your self-love playlist.