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...I woke up to a repetitive dream that I find a chest full of treasure. In the afternoon I stumbled across "The Alchemist" - a book written by P. Coelho. I read the first page, and it spoke to me ... The protagonist, Santiago wakes up to  a repeating dream of finding treasure.

I put the two together and decided to find my treasure, which is my dream - to have my songs touch millions of hearts...

Joker necklace

Born in the mountains 

That separate Europe from Asia

Artist Father 

and a Muse Mother

Saw Elvis on TV at the age of 9 

Blew my mind... 

The Fab Four came next

The Jimis proceeded then.

By the time I was double one

I knew I was never alone...

Parents saw the passion

But chose the classic option... 

From there I narrowed to Flamenco.

In Spanish rhythms I found my loco...

Times were tough,

The country was a third...

And even the Artist Father

Couldnt see a path further... 

For music was like a weather

But a man needs to be a hunter...

At the age of 16 

The US welcomed my Spirit Teen...

As the story always goes

Earned my first five bucks

While killing time on my guitar,

Shy and curious boy in an airport bar.

Next thing you heard 

I formed a band

With brothers - my hosts!

West Meets East

Was playing on streets.

But good times didn't last long

Had to return back home

Although home had always been

A vague idea I'm not so keen

A career of marketing awaited for me

And a hanging duty to serve the army...

The only way to escape free

Was to reach the highest degree...


And so I did !

While never ceasing music 

From country to country 

Fled from my home's mandatory duty

From degree to degree

From band to band 

From lovers to lovers

From friends to other friends...

It's been a Journey

With a lot of moments

Like Desperado, 

With many euphoric ups 

And broken hearts... 

Fell in love madly at the age of 17

College first year 

That autumn was unseen

Couldnt let me spare 

And my songwriting unfolded

Took me through the depths I held

Every love was a fairy muse​

That lit a new life so I could amuse...

But it took me long to find my voice

While the songs filled with rejoice.

Recording chances never came along

One of the two was never enough

Time was scarce, money was tough!


By the time the degree was earned

I looked back at the Journey passed...

I spoke 5 languages

Was educated in 4 countries

Had 3 degrees

Consulted over 100 companies

Doubled or tripled revenues

For my so called "bosses"

Took my Artist Father

To a national level...

It was enough 

My dues were paid

Degree saved from the army

Left home and family

Left friends and my city

My band in distant China

Joker, Thief & Knight

As we were hailed...

Took the way to The West

A leap of faith in my destiny...

So there I took my chances

Left everything behind

For I've never felt a stronger joy in life

Than hearing my songs in the final mix!

And as you know

There's nothing final... 

Everything can be changed, 

Arranged and rearranged...

And that's the beauty of it...

Which verse do  you take?

And which version is the last...

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