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...I live to write more songs...

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Gemini George is an Armenian-born guitarist, singer-songwriter most known for his dreamy acoustic ballads, multi-genre guitar solos and energetic performances.


George is a classically trained guitarist who uses variety of techniques, including finger-style, slides and various picking techniques. 

Gemini George started writing songs from the age of 17 and has compiled albums-worth of unrecorded material which he considers his mission to produce them. He likes to consider himself a Rock'n'Roll artist.


"Genres never should limit the songwriting as feelings are the catalyst of the process" - in his own words. Speaking of genres though George's songs can be categorized from acoustic folk songs to heavier blues-driven Garage Rock anthems.

Gemini George was the frontman of Joker, Thief & Knight with whom he toured and recorded music in China. George is currently based in the US and is working on his debut album called "Gems".

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"There’s a certain hypnotic quality to the song, it’s delicacy is easy to have surround you, and that ongoing guitar picking is quick to capture your affection."

"Full Foolish Moon is a song that compels addiction from the very beginning you hear that mesmerizing strumming of George’s guitar, which I call “the Gemini George effect”.

"Full Foolish Moon" is a must-have song for your self-love playlist.

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