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\/\/ Tulips & Iris ><

Something genuinely important was missing in the Gemini?

Was it compassion? Or empathy? Perhaps loyalty? What if love?

The Tulips & Iris

But he was pledging for love!

He was the poet of love!

He was surrounded by friends…

He loved and cared for them…

He even sacrificed for them!

And what of empathy?!

Wasn’t he kind to the world?!

Never hurt! Never thieved!

Never cheated! Never conceived!

Oh and let me not forget compassion…

The beauty of all my passion!

Some might dare to say my fashion </>

B why do I rush?

In attempt to sabotage?

At my whole expanse?

And against me?

In such excess...

when I’m such a mess…?

Well the me inside me

Was faced against me

At a time of scary scarcity of me

Up against the Nordic sea

Having such audacity

To leave Calyps-O-City...

In my humbleness they found stubbornness

My ferocity was labeled atrocity

Compassion was never priority

Passion was above perpetual

Repertoires were always mine

Encores were chanted for me

And God forbid the anchored women…

But let us not delay and array

The epic truth unveiled in ruth

The right and left are both correct

The scales of just are sharp in place

But the unraveling hand that holds it still

The hand of just and the power of will...

The Wheel of Fortune against the Freedom...

That hand directs you and I to act for a Dream...

The Cause of our Actions that the Affected ones call Effects...

Dream is what’s above the scales of justice

That arrow straight lifting the Left and the Right.

Dream - the Doer of all Doers

and Maker of all Makers!

Dream… isnt it worth the sacrifice?

And for that sacred prize…

Many have come and many have gone…

But those who have remained

Have attained their dream...

Now "let us stop talking falsely now!"

Isn’t it worth the pain and suffer

Of yours and others

For a try?... of all the sins the cry of a try…

But to never remain

Always seize, freeze...

Burned but not buried

Rejuvenate in piece

Formulate in essence…

Infinite trials

Even if they have me on a trial...

The Journey is not a passage

It’s life of an ever-changing entourage

The Joker had Gemini

The Gemini had Joker….

Written from a hand of an acclaimed Joker

Accused of Narcissism by The Thief

Awarded the Title by The Knight

The gates of clouds

Were surrounded by

Green Agates

Crimean Diamonds

Angelic Rubies

And Nordic Sapphires…

Mermaid guardians

In the River of Forever...

Inside the gates awaits

The treasure that you

Find in a deja vu

Mirror mirror…

Hearer and Healer...

Tell me I’m pretty!

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