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In Retro-Verse

Guitar railroad space odyssey

Somebody told me I should have called it a diary... then I would be writing more often. I guess it's true. I called Journey instead of blog for a reason. When I started it I wanted to document my Journey. Everything about it!

Well the first year was crazy... livin' on a bullet train, like the ones I used to take in China - scenery changing so fast, you can't grasp a second. That was the first year.... in America!

It's all now in retrospective...

The American Dream - did I have that fever? Or it was all just hiding of the fear?

I've lost and I've gained so much, that I don't even know

what's real and where does it flow...

I don't know who I can inspire

And what can transpire...

I'm just going to relay

What's inside, in delay...

So I left the company

of The Thief and the Knight

Was all done for the right?

Well at least I thought...

My dreamer dreamt a dream

Bigger than you could film

To the promised land

To make it till the end

He thought of it fast

Wanted to harvest

Illusion now it seems

Must have brought some grins

But illusion as well

Is a half-brother to real

The Journey happened

It's not the end

The story is almost a tale

With lessons like in a tell tale

Am I wiser?

I ask myself every day ...

But if I can't even learn from my own mistakes

Then damned I must remain a Fool for sake!

I learned the depth

Of things and Spirit

Or should I phrase

I dipped my feet

In cards I did not believe

In guides of Spirits nor I did

It was all give and receive

Is mostly what I read

But when you're taken on a Journey

Evoked by forces they often call events

Superficial and electric as it could be

Many questions arise in surprise...

After all, why me?

What for?

What's the end?

And is this for real?

So what's the Journey after all?

It's a road.

Winding and narrow

Climbing and shallow...

It's Dao

It's a Fool's Journey

It's Awakening

It's a Mission!

But you're not alone in paving the path...

There are forces and prophecies

It's God or Universe

Magic or happening!

You only know in retro-verse

That it's too much just coinciding...

So if you look for signs

Follow them without doubt

You'll keep on the course

The end is yet to find...

Photo editing by TG Design ©

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